Project Aims

It is planned that implementation of the Care4You project will contribute to:

  • Increasing the interest of young people in the profession of caregiver for seniors.
  • Providing young people who want to work as a caregiver for seniors or who work in this profession with tools enabling them to improve skills useful at work as a carer for seniors.
  • Increasing the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the profession of caregiver for seniors.
  • Increasing the efficiency and attractiveness of educating caregivers of seniors by indicating good practices in the field of non-standard methods of education and training of carers of seniors.
  • Increasing the awareness of young people about the education path and formal requirements regarding work for a caregiver of seniors in various EU countries.
  • Providing a number of training and information materials targeted at young people in various EU countries.
  • Change attitudes both training institutions offering training for seniors’ caregivers as well as seniors’ caregivers themselves about importance of having high level of soft skills while working with seniors.
  • Increasing professionalism in the performance of professional duties by caregivers of seniors thanks to the possibility of improving their soft skills.
  • Increasing the professional mobility of caregivers of seniors by gaining access to information on the formal requirements and working conditions of a caregiver of seniors in various EU countries.
  • Increasing the standards of care for seniors thanks to the greater soft skills of the caregivers.