EOS foundation

Eco-development, Responsibility , Society – these are the three main pillars of the activities of the EOS foundation, which was established in 2009 on the initiative of research workers from Lublin universities. The Foundation is a non-governmental organization operating in the Lublin Voivodeship. The Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Lublin Voivodeship through activities such as supporting economic initiatives, improving employee qualifications, supporting pro-ecological initiatives and those related to building a civil society.

People involved in the project

Professor ZBIGNIEW WRÓBLEWSKI, Chair of the EOS Foundation, professor at the Philosophy Department at the Catholic University of Lublin, coordinator of the cognitive studies course; he completed postgraduate studies in project management; he carried out international academic projects concentrating on inter-cultural research in the aspect of social cognition (China-Germany-Ukraine-Poland); he analyses the philosophical and cultural aspects of the ecological crisis; As a university lecturer, he works with young people;

He is a coach and consultant in the projects carried out by the Foundation, supervisor of the project in the field of implementing the cooperation between the municipality and the NGO in the project Together we are the strongest – implementing a model of cooperation in 6 communities of the Łuków district (2013-2015). He conducts trainings and consulting in the field of the ethics of NGO activities and the ethics of a career consultant. Conducted lectures for seniors at the University of the Third Age in Kock.

From October 2019 to September 2021, he managed the implementation of the project Here for You – Soft Skills Pack for Caregivers of Seniors. Project Number 2019-1-PL01-KA204-065506 ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership. He was responsible for securing the proper implementation of the project in accordance with the agreement and according to the schedule, promotion of the project among potential Beneficiaries, cooperation with the Project Leader and partners in the proper implementation of the project, coordination of the work of experts and supervision of the tools prepared, coordination of the activities carried out under the Project, preparation of the required substantive documentation, including reports and reports, supervision of the project implementation in terms of the correctness of the expenditure of project funds and their compliance with the budget, accounting for the tasks performed by the entities involved in the implementation.

AGNIESZKA WRÓBLEWSKA, key expert in the project, member of the Foundation’s Council, owner of Edu Business Group; MA in history and psychology, specializing in social psychology (conflict – change – cooperation), graduate of an  Executive  Master of Business Administration course as well as postgraduate studies in: Social Economics, Social Communication and Media Studies, Psychosocial Skills Studies (at INTRA, coaching school) and coaching courses. She is a coach, psychologist, business advisor, social animator, career consultant; she conducts training workshops and consulting with respect to soft skills (communication, team formation and management, negotiation, resolving conflicts, managing change) from the area of career counselling (active job seeking, self-presentation, individual and group career consulting), strategic management of social economical enterprises, creating strategies for local development based on local resources, social animation, the activization of local communities, forming partnerships; she lectures of individual and group career counselling at postgraduate studies courses, Certified coach of a Model cooperation between local government administration and NGOs.

Between 2007 and 2010 she was the consultant of the Regional Programme of Social Integration run by the World Bank and Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, within which she co-created the programme for integrating Chechnyan refugees from the Wohyń Distict Centre for Refugees into the local community. She contributed her knowledge to the publication: “Methodology of supporting the social development of a district through participation – the district strategy for resolving social problems and social development”.

Since 2009 she is active in the EOS Foundation, within which she coordinated the accomplishment of all the projects, responsible for the preparation of programmes and conducting training workshops for social economical enterprises, career counselling, animating the cooperation of local governments and NGOs as well as promoting the Foundation’s activities. As an expert she contributed among others to: Standards of social services encompassing the equal access and availability of services to the specificity of minorities and those exposed the social exclusion, discrimination, their actualisation together with the procedure of monitoring, evaluation and control.

The author of a dozen or so strategies of local development with the use of the potential of social economy. She animated and supported with her advice and training the creation several dozen social economical enterprises, including associations and social coops, as well as she participated in the process of creating several dozen strategies dedicated to the development of these organizations, including the creation of Kock’s strategy based on its Jewish traditions and the strategy of Malinowa Wieś and the Fishing Village in Jeziorzany with the utilization of the potential of local Social Economical Enterprises. Author of the book Strategy of rural NGOs. Towards social economics.

She was an expert in the programmes:

– “Get on a straight path” (developing a textbook for employers in the area of hiring people departing Penal Centres as well as a program of training for the HR departments and managers of enterprises and a programme of training workshops for employees of the labour market institutions, social integration and welfare facilities, NGOs, prison services and probation officers);

– “The District Council for Employment as the coordinator of district social policy – establishing a new model for cooperation”;

– “ACE – active, creative and entrepreneurial youth – Innovative educational programmes within economics and entrepreneurship”, co-author (in the thematic field relating to social economics) of textbooks for the interdisciplinary teaching entrepreneurship and economics in high schools;

– “NCA new competence and ability – tools and methodical materials for examining the competences and professional interests of adults”;

Here for You – Soft Skills Pack for Caregivers of Seniors, ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership; was responsible for: preparation of IO1 Diagnostic Tool in Polish and English language versions, preparation of IO2 E-learning platform fostering soft skills improvement in Polish and English language versions, preparation of IO3 Online course empowering seniors`caregivers in Polish and English language versions, preparation of IO4 Collection of Best Practices in Polish and English language versions.

She actively cooperates with several dozen associations and several social coops as an animator, key advisor, business consultant; she is a coach at the Support Centre for Social Economics in Lublin.