IPS - Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal

IPS has strong competences in what refers to the areas of ageing and professional competences in health care.  The School of Health (ESS-IPS) offers 1st and 2nd cycles (Bologna) degrees in Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Nursing and a variety of post-graduate courses in different related areas. Research and community projects have been developed in the field of ageing and care over the years. ESS-IPS teaching staff has been involved in a European consortium with a granted project focusing on the competences and skills of professionals working with older people across Europe. 

People involved in the project

Teresa Paula Mimoso is Assistant Professor, with a background in Physiotherapy (BSc Hons), PhD student in Educational Psycology, and integrated member of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Applied Research in Health (CIIAS/IPS). At ESS-IPS, she teaches Mobilty and Function, Neurological Physiotherapy, Advanced themes in Neurology, Study Cases III and Theory and Practice III in the Physiotherapy Degree course. She is also a member of the clinical education team, responsible for the interships. At the Master degree in Advanced Practice in Neurology, she teaches Advanced Practice I and II and Research Project.

She has been responsilble for internacional mobility activities (Erasmus mobility and Luso Brasilian mobility exchange programs for students), and participated in Intensive Programs (ICHCI II).

She was involved in the Erasmus+ Project Renewing Ergonomic Education for Health Care Students. Her research interests are mainly related to approaches to learning, reasoning and transfer of learning in clinical contexts and patient ergonomic handling.

Andreia Ferreri Cerqueira is Assistant Professor and specialist nurse in Medical Surgical Nursing in the area of Person in Chronic Situation, with background in Nursing Education (PhD). At ESS-IPS, she teaches Nursing and Research. She is the coordinator of the Nursing degree, the co-coordinator of the Nursing Research Unit for South and Islands – NURSE`IN UIESI and collaborator at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Applied Research in Health (CIIAS/IPS). At ESE-IPS she teaches “Aging Dynamics”, in a Professional Technical Course in Family and Community Service and “Contexts and processes of aging and intergenerational relationships” in the Degree in Sociocultural Animation.

She has participated in some international activities/programs in the area of aging and her research interests are mainly related to health and well-being of the older people; training models for formal caregivers of older persons and intergenerationality.

Célia Soares is Assistant Professor, with a background in Psychology (BSc Hons) and Social Psychology (MSc, PhD). At ESS-IPS she teaches Gerontology, Sociology and Psychology of Health, and Research Methods in Health Sciences. She is the Head of Department of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Coordinator of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Applied Research in Health (CIIAS/IPS).

With a wide experience in international activities, she has been a national coordinator in LLP Erasmus Intensive Programs, a former co-chair of the Council of COHEHRE (Consortium of Institutes of Higher Education in Health and Rehabilitation in Europe) and Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of COHEHRE’s Annual Conference. Currently, she is a Co-Chair of COHEHRE’s Research Core Group.

Her research interests are mainly related to developmental trajectories and ageing, professional competences in care delivered to older people, and psychosocial and cultural aspects of health. She has been the national coordinator of other European granted projects and author and co-author of publications related to developmental processes, active ageing and professional competences in health and social care.

Sónia Lima is Assistant Professor, with a Degree in Speech Therapy, Master in Speech Sciences and Phd Student in Cognition and Language Sciences. Currently, she is the Coordinator of the Degree in Speech Therapy at ESS/IPS, responsible for internships in clinical education, and teaches Instruments and Tecniques in Oral Motor Skills, Swallowing and Voice Disorders, and Gerontology. She is integrated member of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Applied Research in Health (CIIAS/IPS).

Over the years she has developed community projects with older people focusing on communication skills, guided students in clinical intervention with the aging population, and has been involved in the training of professionals in nursing homes and other institutions for older people. Her research interests are related to the study of communication functions, voice and swallowing throughout life.