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Meeting in Lublin, Poland

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The 4th of October 2022, finally we had opportunity to meet in person!

We had a great pleasure to meet at least some members of project team in person. Unfortunately not all partners could participate in person – so that meeting was organized in hybrid way. Partners from Italy and Slovenia were participating online.

Main issues discussed during the meeting ofthe  IO1 – Publication.

We started with discussion about work done so far. All participants went through the whole material of the publication and gave their feedback. Result of that discussion was list of corrections in the publication which should be done right after meeting so that the final version of IO1 was satisfactory for all experts. As IO1 is nearly done, we have started to discuss about upcoming challenges – IO2 – courses. We had very fruitful discussion about content of curses, division of work, schedule for upcoming activities.

Meeting was great opportunity to not only discuss about project but also to spend some time together.

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