O1 - Collection of best practices

The first result on which experts from partner countries worked were information materials, developed in the form of publications. The materials contain information on working in the profession of a senior caregiver in various EU countries, formal requirements for working in this profession, as well as soft skills that are most desirable in people taking care of seniors (both by seniors themselves and by companies that recruit employees in this profession). The materials also contain information about non-standard tools used to develop soft skills among people participating in courses preparing for the profession of a senior caregiver.

O2 - Series of training courses

The second project output will be a set of training materials supporting the development of soft skills of people who want to work or work as carers of the elderly.

O2 will be a set of training materials, consisting of:

  1. entry test to test knowledge and skills
  2. the course, which will consist of webinars, text processing of the material, as well as a video on a given issue from publicly available collections on the Internet
  3. a quiz checking the acquired knowledge and skills

The subject of the course will concern the development of competences in 10 areas based on 10 skills identified under IO1 as mostly needed from senior caregivers.

Materials will be available in English and in languages of project partners.

O3 - Informative materials

As part of the project, it is planned to create such a knowledge base which will be useful for any person who would wish to work as a seniors caregiver in any EU country.

We plan to conduct a thorough analysis of formal requirements for people who want to work as a senior carer in various EU countries.

Experts from partner organizations will analyze the regulations in this regard in all EU countries and on this basis they will create a virtual guide containing, on the one hand, a description of the formal requirements that a person working as a senior carer must meet in a given country, education paths towards obtaining work permits, including occupation, information on earnings, job offers, employment conditions.

The description of each country will also include links to websites of reliable sources of information – in the event that the information on the project website is to change after the completion of its implementation in the future.
We plan that it will be a knowledge base that will be available to all people who would like to work as a senior caregiver in any EU country.

Access to the materials will not require logging in or fees.
The materials will be available in English. However, we will try to ensure that all links lead to English-language websites