In this module you will learn more about creativity. It’s commonly associated with various types of art but actually it is related also to work and daily life in many aspects. It is not easy to choose one exhaustive and simple definition for it. In fact, creativity is a complex skill that requires many and different abilities at the same time.

Creativity could rise from an innate tendency; creative people can spontaneously put together ordinary elements in unusual and useful ways, observe things from an unseen perspective, and use visual imagery to actively redesign more conventional situations.

Nevertheless, creativity is not only an innate talent but also a skill that has to be developed and trained in order to become a permanent conscious attitude and a concrete useful tool.

Entry test for creativity

If you want to test your knowledge and preexisting skills about creativity please take a few minutes and answer the folllowing entry test.

Course Materials

Training Course

In the end of this course, you will able to:

  • Solve a problem by proposing alternatives and original solutions that help overcome concretely occasional or habitual difficulties
  • Combine everyday materials and/or ordinary ideas to create more adapt and engaging caring activities
  • Overcome physical and emotional limitations in order to create more comforting environments for themselves and for their seniors
  • Learn from their mistakes in order to find short term and long-term useful solutions
    Integrate new or different views of a problem to step back from it and reconsider it in terms of more adapt and durable solutions
  • Accept diversity in seniors and learn something useful for their work thanks to their point of view and from their experience of life.


Final test

If you want to test your final knowledge about creativity please take a few minutes and answer the folllowing final test.