Team work


This course is designed to train teamwork skills. By applying it, you will learn what teamwork is, when we can talk about a team, what characteristics a team has. You will learn about the processes that occur in a team, learn how to identify them and take actions appropriate to the phase of the process in which the team currently is. You will also find the answer to the question such as: what are team roles, how do they affect the work of the team, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each role? Using an online test, you will be able to identify your team roles. The last part of the course is devoted to team communication and teamwork methods. You will learn to give both positive messages – praise – and critical messages. You will also learn the principles of the most commonly used teamwork methods.

Entry test for Team Work

If you want to test your knowledge and preexisting skills about team work please take a few minutes and answer the folllowing entry test.

Course Materials

Training Course

This text is part of the Course Materials of the Erasmus Care4You Project “Improving the soft skills of senior caregivers”.

In relation to the senior population, the aim of the services is to protect the well-being, health and functional abilities of older people and to support their independent living. This is possible thanks to multidisciplinary competences and skills.

It is probably expected that the new professional groups that have emerged in the care of the elderly population will have to be at the same time multi-talented service providers, but with less education and training than currently offered to ensure a quick response to the changing competence needs in working life (Taipale -Lehto and Bergman, 2015).


Final test

If you want to test your final knowledge about team work please take a few minutes and answer the folllowing final test.