In our ageing society, the rising number of senior people has impact on the functioning of health care systems. In the future, most of the health care professionals all over Europe will work with senior people in different settings (e.g., in the community, at home, in long-term care contexts).

However, both formal and informal caregivers are largely unprepared to cope with the needs of senior citizens3. The complexity of health care needs in old ages increases and dealing with those needs requires specific competences such as communication.

In this text, a set of learning objectives focusing on communication are proposed, which we consider essential to be achieved by you, a professional caregiver of senior people.

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Person-centred approaches in health services have been developed to deliver better treatment and care for senior people. The provision of personalized quality services meeting the needs of senior populations is a common challenge across countries4.
According to person-centred framework, care is driven by people’s desires, expectations, values, preferences, social background, life conditions, family situation and must meet their needs.

Thus, professional caregivers should be genuinely interested in knowing and connecting with the senior person, their family or other caregivers, and recognize the centrality of relationships and communication processes.

Over the years, communication has gained special recognition in the field of care, where positive and effective interpersonal communication is viewed as a crucial element8. In fact, communication is central to all forms of relationships occurring in different settings, including health care. Interpersonal skills of professionals make a significant difference in the quality of care and patient’s quality of life, well-being and satisfaction.


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