Empathy and Patience


In this module you will gain skills and competences related to the ability of being empathetic towards your seniors’ caregiver’s patients.

More specifically, we will explore practical skills and methods to help you to show the four attributes of empathy: see the world as your patients see it; being non-judgemental, understanding your patients’ feelings and finally communicating your understanding with kindness and compassion.

By developing these skills, you will be able to create a stronger patient-caregiver relationship based on trust and rapport leading to increased patient satisfaction.

Entry test for Empathy and Patience

If you want to test your knowledge and preexisting skills about empaty please take a few minutes and answer the folllowing entry test.

Course Materials

Training Course

After completing this module you will:

  • Understand what is empathy and its importance in the daily work of caregiver.
  • Be able to manage your emotions to understand better feelings of your patients.
  • Remain non-judgemental during tricky conversations.
  • Respond with kindness and compassion to have supportive conversations with your seniors patients.


Final test

If you want to test your final knowledge about empathy and patience please take a few minutes and answer the folllowing final test.