conflict & problem solving


A conflict is an action by one party that makes it difficult or impossible for the other party to act. The conflict may concern: goals, ways of achieving goals, needs or expectations.

Soft skills are an important tool in learning problem solving. These skills can help the caregiver to better understand their limitations and improve their personal and professional competences. Focusing on problem solving can be very useful in identifying the root of the problem.

There are a number of competences that the senior caregiver should develop to facilitate learning to solve problems effectively.

Entry test for conflict and problem solving

If you want to test your knowledge and preexisting skills about problem solving please take a few minutes and answer the folllowing entry test.

Course Materials

Training Course

In the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • be vigilant to recognize problems before it’s too late. The ability to recognize problematic situations early is very useful. This is possible based on the intuition that predicts the problem by alerting the individual by arousing anxiety, negative thoughts, disappointment, etc.).
  • see problems as something normal, because they happen to everyone all the time. This is something we don’t think about when we face a real problem. Thinking that the occurrence of unfavorable circumstances is something unique and unprecedented is a mistake.
  • treat problems as challenges, not threats. Encouraging you to identify what challenges or opportunities arise when a problem arises, rather than focusing only on the negative aspects, can help strengthen self-esteem and problem-solving competence.
  • increase the perception of self-control. Giving in to emotions reduces the level of focus on the “here and now”, so self-control in problematic situations should be increased to improve the ability to identify and solve problems.


Final test

If you want to test your final knowledge about conflict and problem solving please take a few minutes and answer the folllowing final test.